Driving is a delightful and responsible experience by itself, but its far more better when you're with professionals in this field. Falcon Trucking is recruiting passionate truckers from all over the world to join the already growing and friendly community. We have made our noticeable presence in ETS2 and ATS for about a year being one of the most professional, well managed, realistic and friendly VTC. We have weekly convoys and signature paintjobs for our trucks and trailers. Unlike other VTC's, our recruitment process is implemented systematically and the requests are validated by the staff personally. Visit our website http://www.falconites.com/ and Join us.  

- Requirements -      

- Should be at least 14 years old    

- Should have minimum play time of 50 hours    

- Should speak and understand basic English   

 - Willing to follow Traffic and VTC Rules    

- Must have a discord account for communication      


- Benefits -      

- Easy Job Logging System    

- Customized Skins    

- Weekly and special convoys    

- Staff Opportunities    

- Friendly and Active Management    

- Zero Tolerance to Trolling  


Visit our website http://www.falconites.com and Join us.

Falcon Trucking Official Convoy

Falcon Trucking Every week convoys take place at 4 PM GMT on Sat and for ETS2 and ATS Respectively

49 Years, 10 Months




Jobs logged

4,597,646 km

Distance driven

1,310,646 t

Cargo moved

1,525,559 L

Fuel used